I Believe Radio Show with Michelle Graves airs a re broadcast Saturday at 8 am and Sunday at 10 pm on Inspiration 1050 AM and 103.1 FM. This is a special episode that is going to allow you to sign up for more information on Short Term Care Policies for first hand help from The Money Lady Michelle Graves herself. Short Term Care Policies allow you to stay in your home if you are ever in need of care instead of going to a nursing home. These plans are incredibly affordable and you will not be turned down for pre-existing conditions. Long Term Care Policies will turn you down for conditions like Diabetes, COPD, and even if you have had Covid. Let Michelle help you navigate this policy by calling our station at 513-533-2500 and giving us your name and phone number. Michelle will be contacting everyone on Monday. Please listen tomorrow Saturday at 8 am and Sunday at 10 pm for more information!