Time Program
11:00am Greater Emmanuel Apostolic (Thursday)
4:00pm The Light Church (Friday)
4:30pm Living in the Word (Wednesday)
4:30pm Glimpses of the Kingdom (Thursday)
4:30pm Gray Road Church of Christ (Friday)
4:45pm The Angry Christian (Monday)
4:45pm Power and Faith Today (Wednesday)
6:00pm Restoration Temple (Monday)
6:00pm Life Changers (Tuesday)
6:00pm King David Life Coach (Wednesday)
6:00pm Living Blessed and Empowered (Thursday)
6:00pm Kingdom Builders (Friday)
6:15pm Kingdom of God (Monday)
6:30pm Bread of Life Church (Tuesday)
6:30pm Triumph Christian Center (Wednesday)
6:30pm Perspective Live (Thursday)
6:45pm 1st Antioch Baptist (Wednesday)
7:00pm Inspirational Baptist Church (Thursday)
7:00pm Great Amazement (Wednesday)
7:30pm Truth and Life (Thursday)
6:00pm King David Life Coach (Wednesday)
6:00pm Bread of Life Church (Tuesday)
6:30pm Perspective Live
7:00pm The Bible Experience


Time Program
9:00am New Jerusalem Baptist
10:00am Kingdom Builders
10:30am Power and Faith Today
10:45am Restoration Temple
11:30am Gray Road Church of Christ
12:00pm Church Spotlight with Carl Behanan
12:30pm Glimpses of the Kingdom
1:00pm Perspective Live
1:30pm Inspirational Baptist
2:00pm Living Blessed and Empowered
2:30pm Triumph Christian Center
2:45pm Kingdom of God
3:00pm Word of God
4:00pm New Prospect Baptist Church
5:00pm Power and Faith Today
5:15pm Alive in the Word
5:30pm Greater Emmanuel Apostolic
6:00pm Kimberly Joy
6:15pm Step Into The Light
6:30pm Bread of Life
7:00pm The Life Changers
7:00pm Practical Christian Living


Word of Deliverance

Time Program
5:00am Bibleway Church of GOD in Christ
7:30am Word of Deliverance
8:00am Truth and Life
8:15am Great Amazement
8:30am Zion Temple First Pentecostal Church
9:30am First Antioch Baptist Church
9:45am Power in the Word – Pastor Derek Evans
10:00am King David Life Coach
10:30am Step Into The Light
10:45am Prayer and Praise
12:30pm First Antioch Baptist Church
12:45pm Living in the Word
1:00pm Bibleway Church of GOD in Christ
2:00pm Sundays with P Ann
5:00pm St Mark Missionary Baptist
6:00pm Bethel #2 Apostolic Church
6:30pm Practical Christian Living
7:00pm New Prospect Baptist Church
8:00pm New Jerusalem Baptist Church
9:00pm Zion Temple First Pentecostal Church